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hello all,  we are having problems with our photo downloader, so all our photos are currently on our facebook page, so sorry for any inconvenience!!

sale is tomorrow!!

10-7 friday

10-6 Saturday

10-6 Tuesday



How is it midnight already just one night before the sale?
Time for picture right?
The Predecessors Estate store in Anacortes is thrilled to share with you all that is awesome for this coming Friday and Saturday (and the following Tuesday!). 
Along with the usual array of lovely shiny things, great kitchen stuff, a delicious coffee bar, couches, tables and chairs, bedroom suites, dressers and doodads, we are also delighted to share a killer collections of professional chef and decorative knives, gorgeous custom one of a kind hand turned writing pens, a humidor filled with surprises, amazing amazing antiques, office supplies, blue jeans, shiny geodes and colourful stones, a tiki room, a kayak frame, collectible ties, outrageous and fashionable hats. 
In addition we have saucy books, a home brew kit, tools some electronics and drums!!
Wow, exhausted from just typing it all out!!

Join us at 10am - 6pm Friday March 17th, 10 - 5 Saturday March 18th and Tuesday 10 - 5 March 21st.

1005 10th st
Anacortes WA

It's been a very long few days for us, but hopefully the snow, sleet and rain won't keep you all away from seeing the fruit of our hard work!!
So what do we have that is so special you might ask?
Well we have tools tools and more tools, we have fishing rods out the wazoo, armfuls of yarn, needles and books, collectable knock knacks, wonderful furniture, la-z-boys, a stunning bedroom suite, floor rugs, charming children's room treasure and an assortment of bikes, some for the wall, some for road and some for the garden!!
Join us this coming Friday and Saturday (and try your luck Tuesday) for a wonderful trove of fun!
1005 10th st 
Anacortes WA 98221
Friday 10th feb 10am - 6pm
Saturday 11th feb 10am - 5pm
Tuesday 14th feb 10am - 5pm
see you there!!

we are delighted to share the awesomeness that is our first 2017 sale of the year. For starters we want to thank everone who supported us this year as we expanded, extended and exploded the different services we offered and stand by for more news mid year!!



So what's cooking this month you ask?
Could it be mid century madness with streamlined looks and functionality, is it amazing knitting books of the highest quality, collectible porcelain dolls, comfy beds and antique armoires?
How about colorful bundles of quilting fabric, Coca-Cola collectibles, antique bikes, unique feature tables, a stunning over fire mantle and an auctioneers standard!!

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