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July 2018 - Dont get Wrecked!

It’s all party party party here at the Predecessors this month... kidding, we have had people
taking personal time, holidays and an emergency visit to Ohio, so the rest of us have been pulling 17+ hour days! That’s what we’ve been doing and we are tired and sore, so hopefully you will all come out to join us to make our sacrifice all worth while. 
So what’s so awesome that you’ve worked around the clock you might ask?
We are officially opening our RUG ROOM!! RUGS BABY RUGS, soooo many rugs!!
An art, Sooooo much art. And Asian, fiesta wear, Le Crueset, nautical fun, antiques, leather couches, collectibles, charming home furnishings, HORSES, so many stunning horses, and a plate with a mouse on it. A mouse! Adorable. 
Join us 
Friday 20th 10-6
Saturday 21st 10-6
Sunday 22nd 10-2
Tuesday 24th 10-6

1005 10th st 
Anacortes, WA

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