There is a little bit of screaming happening at the shop right now, (aside from being 3 days behind because we were all sick) we have also never had so much stuff before!! That’s right, we are PACKED TO THE GILLS!!
But what is it we are packed with I hear you ask; well let me tell you!!
- TOOLS big bloody tools (Robert and the guys stole 2 rooms from us for them so we had to steal walk space as a result (whoops!) - don’t eat a big breakfast peeps, you are goi f to need to breathe in as you walk around here!!
- DOLLS collectible dolls and dolly paraphernalia to cheer the heart of any collector!
- MID CENTURY MODERN furniture and the most exception MCM desk we have ever seen!!
- CLOCKS so many adorable clocks!!
- VINTAGE JEWELRY and watches, lighters, wallets and cast dyed cars!
- BASKETS of every size shape and colour!
- CRYSTAL to catch the light and impress your dinner guests
- CANDLES to add sparkle to your new crystal!
- RUSTY DUSTY decor and charming items to make your house a home!
- VINTAGE CHILDRENS BOOKS and fun books for adults as well!
- FURNITURE that is bloody amazing!!
- OUTDOOR for every occasion, settings, garden and decor!
- COLOUR all things that is bright and colorful
- LINENS hand towels, table clothes, duvets, napkins, sheets and more!
- ART so much and so diverse including some stunning nudes!
- FISHING RODS a great start to summer!

Join us at 1005 10th st,
Anacortes 98221

Friday 18th 10am- 7pm
Saturday 19th 10am- 6pm
Sunday 20th 10am - 2pm
Tuesday 22nd 10am - 6pm

Its a Funky Farmhouse kind of Month!!

And we certainly hope that you will join us in celebrating all that is colourful, charming and cheerful about a country kitchen! but it isnt all about bright colours and cheer, we also have comics for those who love to nerd out and the clean smooth lines of some stunning Mid Century Modern pieces that would make any collector thrilled. in addition we have camera equipment, magnificent furniture and antiques, a trip to Hawaii and The Birds!!! 

join us Friday, Saturday and Tuesday 

16, 17 and 20

10am start!

SOLD - Past Sales

join us this coming Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday (13,14,15 and 17th April) for our once monthly Eatate sale.
We are full to the brim (oh boy are we, I mean we have said it before but apparently we didn’t understand the scope of what we have this month, we are chocking with amazing, stunning and magnificent items, here is a little taste:

*MCM dining table, rocker, chair and bookcase. (And decorations)
*Rusty dusty shabby chic awesomeness. 
* magnificent antiques 
* gorgeous couches and living room furniture. 
* nautical delights
* Indoor and outdoor wicker 
*Formal and informal dining rooms
* outdoor patio furniture and garden delights 
* Italian shoes 
* Africana
* stuff about goats!
* kitchen conveniences 
* a massive generator 
* tools and school desks!
* collectible sports cards
* stunning fancy cookbooks 
* Asian influenced 
* stuff.

10-7 Fri 
10-6 Sat
9-2 Sun
10-5 Tue

1005 10th st
Anacortes WA


see you there!!

It’s a Bumper tool sale this month (and the unveiling of our new security system you naughty naughty sticky fingered peeps!)
But as well as tools we have an amazing MCM collection, Mikey Mouse and Roosters galore, wonderful colourful kitchen additions, comfy beds rusty dusty charm, nautical collectables, a GIANT deer, cool and funny volunteers and charming surprises around every corner (under under things, in things and on things!)
Friday 10-6
Saturday 10-5
Tuesday 10-5
16, 17 And 20 March

- please note that we do honor the old shoe drop to hold your space in line mandate!! 

2018 has come and your new year should roll out right! join us for our first sale of the year and enoy spending a little on yourself for a change!

we do have lots of lovely and pretty things but the photos dont do a good job of reflecting that, if fact half the team got taken out by the flu so  we have struggled to the very end to get the sale ready for you. hope you car stay steady with us!

see you all this Friday at 10am for the start of 2018!

We also want to welcome into the world Baby Hamish, the newest little Predecessor!!
congratulations Rudee!!

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